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Be a student this summer: Take a free online course on learning math

Looking for some free professional development this summer?  Jo Boaler, a professor of math education at Stanford University, is offering an online course for teachers and parents titled “How to Learn Math.”

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I heard her speak at a conference this year.  I admire the fact that she’s a researcher who tries bridge the gap between research and practice.  The summer course sounds like an interesting example of how she continues to try to make that connection.

Over the course of 8 sessions (lasting 10-15 minutes each), she plans to discuss some of the current research and explore best practices.   It’s self-paced and there will be opportunities to collaborate on discussion forums.

I wanted to share this with you because I’m often asked where to go to learn more about teaching and learning math.    Unfortunately, I don’t often have many quality suggestions.   Although I can’t vouch for this course because I haven’t taken it, I wanted to share it because it sounds promising.  In addition, it’s free and can be done remotely so there’s not much risk involved.

I recently signed up for it and I’ll be sure to report back, but it’d be more fun if some of you took it too so we could discuss.

Want to know more?

Click here to enroll for the course

Click here to learn more about Jo Boaler