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NCTM 2016 : Justification Presentation

This year was the first time I’ve presented at the NCTM annual meeting. In one session, I talked about my work on helping students build justification with fractions. In the other, I presented with Megan Gundogdu about how we have been using lesson study to build capacity at a middle school in the Bronx.  I really enjoyed sharing the work and I loved meeting some of you in person and learning more about what you are all working on.

I included the slides below from the justification talk for those who might want to take a closer look.

The main takeaway was that if we want to help students build justification, we need to explicitly create learning opportunities for students to:

  • Reason about mathematics (using manipulatives, diagrams, contexts)
  • Make connections between one’s activity with these tools and the solution
  • Practice developing justifications
  • Evaluate evidence used for justifications
  • Revise justifications

I’d love to hear your feedback!